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Author Topic: Changes v2.0 (updating)  (Read 5887 times)

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Changes v2.0 (updating)
« on: April 26, 2019, 17:36:09 »
Hey, folks
I have decided to update server fully. So, all changes/updates will be posted here. Server was updating all the time, but most time just core side and this time i will include everything else.

  • RE-WORKED - Buffer and improved system. From now on, all buffs in one place. Possible save your buffs as scheme.
  • RE-WORKED - Market and improved system - added ´╗┐special command: .market, possible sell augmented items, email notifications (in game), search system, money sending directly to inventory (offline player included), added more currencies, latest items menu in bottom and etc.
  • RE-WORKED - Shop. Added more functions/items to special shop, updated prices, removed other currencies and left only 2 as the main. Updated shop style and changed some sections place. Everything else you can see at server. Also, removed npc: collector and all items from him moved to special shop.
  • RE-WORKED - Command: .menu and added some more additional things. Also, a little bit updated style of menu.
  • RE-WORKED - Command: .exchange and added ability to exchange Seal Stones.

  • UPDATED - Global Gatekepper, added more teleport locations for premium account and a lot of simples.
  • UPDATED - all menus style to make them look better.
  • ADDED - A new guard which will protect server from bots and other all cheat softwares.

    Will be more...

    Let me know below in comments if you want to see something more updated/changed or post your ideas to suggestion section here: https://forum.lifedrain.net/index.php?board=17.0#top

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