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Author Topic: Changelog #108  (Read 1367 times)

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Changelog #108
« on: May 26, 2018, 01:36:04 »

  • FIXED - Mobs: Pronghorn and Frost Buffalo must multiply ONLY when they are attacked ONLY by PSYCHICAL SKILL (Like spoil, or other FIGHTERS skill, only fighters) http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=139707 http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=155777
  • FIXED - Frintezza: Hall Alarm Device (18328) Now you kill 3 and doors has been opened, must be killed 4 to open doors... Same in second Room, you kill 2 moobs and doors opened but must be killed 4...
  • FIXED - Frintezza: If you got Debuff "Frintezza Dance" and you die then effect is still in town, and you need relogin.
  • FIXED - Gate Chant: If WarCryer got dmg (Is in combat) when casting "Gate" then gate must be failed, ALWAYS! (Can finish skill but cant summon players, but you can just do cancel skill)
  • FIXED - Baium use only skills, dont hit by hand, or does it very very very rarely.
  • FIXED - If you want use Mass resurrection you need target, that is bad. you dont need target in retail.
  • FIXED - Frintezza dont checking party (Command Channel) members, if one player is away you can't start Instance w/o Him. Script must check players and if one (or more) is away "Player %name% is out of range"
  • FIXED - Summon Life Cubic, this Cubic dont have max range, must have ~900, now dont have and can heal everywhere.
  • FIXED - MOBS "Hall Device Alarm, Evil Spirit, Dark Choir Archer, Dark Choir Lancer, Dark Choir Captain, Breath of Halisha" can't drop herbs.
  • FIXED - Trained Cougar, Trained Buffalo and Trained Kookaburra do buff floOd when you have buff's with higher lvl's.
  • FIXED - RB must have chance (~10%) for debuffs: Hex, Power Break, Surrender's, Gloom
  • FIXED - Frintezza - AOE skill dont give dmg, and Frintezza cast this skill to much times, must have reuse 2-3min.
  • FIXED/ADDED - You can take mob's from everywhere to town and block GK and other NPC, mobs inside town are still aggressive. It needs something like disabled aggro when they are out of aggro range or spawn point.
  • FIXED - Skill "AV - Teleport" id 4671 dont work, mob must teleport in random range (max 800) every 1-2min as i remember - now just use animation, and only when is under attack. And additional, mob with this skill must teleport to player. (mob try do this but skill dont work).
  • FIXED - Skill delevel, for example if you have 52 lvl and you got new skills then this skills gone when you delevel char to 42. so maximum delevel range is 10 lvl's. http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=117201
  • FIXED - Dimension rift has problem with re-spawn of mobs. Sometimes they are double and already  spawned on teleport. They can't be already spawned.
  • FIXED - Some clan halls  npc dont have open/close outside.

  • FIXED: Spawned missed mobs in FOG
  • FIXED: Spawn Lesser Giant Glaki, sometimes players got "Cannot see target".
  • FIXED/ADDED: Frintezza aggro range.
  • FIXED: Hall Alarm Device and  Evil Spirit NOW dont have aggro, cant move, and cant attack players.
  • DELETED: Hall Alarm (not Hall Alarm Device) This NPC is wrong here.
  • FIXED: Decreased chance for level up Soul Crystal's (Retail Like)
  • FIXED: Skill "Break Duress lvl 2" Now removing ROOT and SLOW
  • FIXED: Mobs "Elder" spawns in Enchanted Valley
  • FIXED: Added Social and Social range to mobs in Hot Springs.
  • FIXED: Fixed Social range for all mobs.
  • FIXED: Fixed spawns in TOI.
  • FIXED: Increased HP for Hall Device Alarm and Evil Spirit.
  • FIXED: Increased Run Speed for mob "Breath of Halisha".
  • FIXED: All stats on every Frintezza Stage.
  • FIXED: All mobs aggresion and stats in Second Room of Frintezza Instance.
  • FIXED: Increased reuse for Gate Chant (Retail Like)
  • FIXED: Frintezza skill type (DARK)
  • DELETED: CPB Spoil from mob "Elder Lost Watcher"
  • FIXED: Reuse time for Final Servitor.
All fixes were updating by L2OFF info. If found any mistake please report it to an admin,

Please report ALL ANY ISSUES/BUGS to skype or forum, because administrators aren't telepaths and can't read your minds, guys. If you want better server without issues, then report any issue. THANK YOU!
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