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Events / EVENT: Finding bugs! (STOPPED)
« on: December 30, 2016, 08:53:22 »

LifeDrain World - Finding bugs!

3 people who will find most bugs/mistakes in server they're gonna get 60 Donate coins (To each).

The Event ends: 14th September


Events / EVENT: Register your clan and get BONUS! (Finished)
« on: December 08, 2016, 18:05:10 »

Register your CLAN in „Clans“ section and receive reward!

How to participate into this an event?
1. Create a new topic with a clan name  in forum „Clans“ section with this Info:
Clan leader name:
Clan name:
Members (expected):

Clan leader char name: Vilmis
Clan name: Fighters
Members (expected): 20

Introducing at the moment available bonuses for the clans -
7-th clan level, 25k CRP, 100 DC (Donate coins) - in clan must be at least 15 players
6-th clan level, 10k CRP, 50 DC (Donate coins) - in clan must be at least 12 players
5-th clan level 7K CRP, 20 DC (Donate coins) - in clan must be at least 7 players

The Event ends: 26th January at 21:00 UTC+2

  • All members must be online.
  • All members must have different IP.

Events / EVENT: Tell about us on Skype (Started)
« on: December 08, 2016, 17:47:53 »
The Event: „Tell about us on Skype“

Event instructions:
1. Download ClownFish for skype Here: http://clownfish-translator.com/download.html
2.  Install it and Run it.
3. Once installed and launched program Open skype, in top corner its asking for premission.
4. On System tray there is fishy icon , right click on it and FIND BROADCAST MASS MESSAGE.

5. Write Message text:
Code: [Select]
L ][ LifeDrain World - Interlude  MID x77!
Server re-open: 10th February! www.lifedrain.net
*** Text will be updated when the event gonna start.
6. Once all ready press "SEND" and make screenshot of desktop and add your screenshot on our topic, so we can reward you on ammount of people you send the message.

Event rules:
1. Create screenshot of your desktop while program is launched with skype window.
2. Minimum ammount of users in skype - 100.
3. All Contestants will be manually checked! To avoid cheatings
4. players who sent most messages , will receive 60 Donate Coins! Everyone else will receive 20 Donate Coins.
5. Event is active till: 2017-02-09
6. To receive reward,  make reply to this topic with Skype screen and skype id.

Youtube Video tutorial how to use Clownfish:

Event winners we will announce at: 2017-02-09

Updates / Changelog #34
« on: May 22, 2016, 14:02:56 »
  • Fixed Quest - Journey to a settlement. Before you could not to take q quest if you completed 1 time. Now you can take again many times.
  • Fixed respawn bug in one of 4sepulchers room.
  • Fixed some minor bugs (Core side).
  • Fixed teleport location to the coliseum (south side) on the community board/command .gk http://www.forum.lifedrain.net/index.php?topic=249
  • Updated: Online timer doesnt count if 'you're in offline mode (ofline trade/craft).
Will be more updates...
Also needs server restart to get effect of these updates.

Updates / Changelog #33
« on: May 18, 2016, 06:12:53 »
  • Updated/Corrected a few grand bosses (Queen Ant, Orfen, Core, Zaken and Baium - droplist and stats by L2OFF.
  • Premium and Noblesse custom items have been changed to sellable, dropable and tradeable.
  • A little bit update on skill: Backstab. Now can not use this skill in front of player at all, but can use on sides left,right and behind (only from behind is chance).
  • Updated. Required number of participants for Classed and Non-Classed matches, Default 5 & 9 and now is: Oly Classed Participants = 2, Oly Non Classed Participants = 3

Updates / Changelog #32
« on: May 17, 2016, 08:43:33 »
  • Fixed summons/pets pvpflag bug. Now when you're attacking your own summon/pet you will not get pvpflag.
  • Some corrections on bot protection.

Updates / Changelog #31
« on: May 16, 2016, 23:10:13 »
  • Added missing helmets for c grade armors at shop.
  • Added some missing system messages (Like L2OFF).
  • Fixed exploit: on char re-start can use own skills while cursed weapon is equipped.
  • Donate item - LifeDrain Adena is tradeable. It means you can sell or buy from other player.

Updates / Changelog #30
« on: May 16, 2016, 00:49:48 »
  • Updated Grand boss - Zaken by this info http://base.l2j.ru/index.php?p=1&id=29022 and added missing skills. Should be stronger than was before.
  • Changed The Zero Hour quest, reward from x1 to x2.
  • Refactored balance system of classes. From now on balancing not only by 3th class, but also by 2nd class.

Updates / Changelog #29
« on: May 15, 2016, 19:43:03 »
  • Fixed Event Medal.
  • Fixed active soulshots bug on the change subclass.
  • Increased a little bit m def of bosses, because mages has x4 magic critical, not x3 anymore.
  • Added auto events back (TvT, CTF, DM), New places + award) Event time by GMT+3:  TvT - 17:00, CTF - 18:00, DM - 19:00.
  • Added back NPC of Olympiad and Grand Bosses it means Valakas, Antharas and Baium will be alive after server restart...

Updates / Changelog #28
« on: May 15, 2016, 06:34:49 »
  • Fixed sell of starting items bug. Now you can sell from 20lvl not just only to see...
  • Fixed The Cursed Weapons. Can't use skills of class - only weapon skills.
  • Fixed the raid bosses respawn bug.

Updates / Changelog #27
« on: May 13, 2016, 00:25:34 »
  • Fixed reusetime bug of summons. For the few summons has not worked reusetime and right now is fixed.
  • Added pvpflag zone into Imperial Tomb near NPC of Frintezza (Teleporter to the room).
  • Added pvpflag zone near enter gate of zaken (all ship and a little bit around.
  • Updated the spawnlist of monsters like L2OFF and fixed a small mistakes.

Updates / Changelog #26
« on: May 11, 2016, 19:35:44 »
  • Updated: Mana Potions (power 1k, it means restore 1k mp) and CP Potions (Default: 200), added static reuse time - 1 sec for both potions.
  • Updated: Delevel system, now is 1:1. Its means if you're trying delevel your char and your lvl example: 44 and it gonna be 43lvl, then you'll lose your skills which got on 44lvl.
  • Changed: All starting items will be available to sell from 20lvl and until reach 20lvl you can not sell, drop or trade these items.
  • Updated: Has been balanced some classes by skill power.

will be more updates....

Updates / Changelog #25
« on: May 10, 2016, 01:47:30 »
  • Fixed Buffer and gatekeeper bug on the community board. From now on you can not open at raid boss zone.
  • Fixed frintezza bugged skill. Working as well.
  • Updated NPC buffer - buffs list (Premium, Simple)

Updates / Changelog #24
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:12:34 »
  • Fixed/Updated/Added many functions on The Community board.
  • Fixed adena warning on gatekeeper when you're less than 40lvl.
  • Updated C/N gatekeeper.
  • Some corrections in java core by l2official information.
  • And that what I forgot to mention previous changelog: added custom masks. Those masks u can find in shop at Giran.

Updates / Changelog #23
« on: May 08, 2016, 08:27:01 »
  • Added: Starting items for the new characters (weapon, armors, jewelry and some shots)
  • Changed: Magic critical power of mages from x3 to x4.
  • Updated: Geodata in the many places and changed to better (Giran zone, TOI, Aden, Valakas zone, Raid Boss of Barakiel place.
  • Updated: Some files of java (Core side). Clean up and some corrects.
  • A little bit more update on NPC BUFFER, scheme section and Premium section. Has been updated html code and buffs list.

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