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Skipped / Re: lvl diference to exp
« on: November 14, 2018, 11:22:15 »
To provide some info:
Originally, in interlude retail, the party gap was never a thing.

it was introduced in kamael or hellbound i believe, as follows:
Difference in levels   Exp received
1   ~98%
2   ~95%
3   ~93%
4   ~91%
5   ~88%
6   ~86%
7   ~83%
8   ~81%
9   ~78%
10   ~23%
11   ~22%
12   ~21%
13   ~20%
14   ~19%
15 and more   0%

The reason was for people not to powerlevel kamaels.

It was adopted as a norm for l2j servers after that.

I hope it helps

Done / Re: suggestion & more
« on: November 11, 2018, 19:29:50 »
++ rbs don’t need fixed time to respawn.

Add time of death+ normal respawn time +-12 hours

Discussions / Re: wipe suggestion
« on: October 22, 2018, 14:19:05 »

Fixed bugs / war with varka silenos
« on: October 17, 2018, 14:30:19 »
It seems once alliance with ketra orcs reaches lvl 5, the drop rate for varka's mane considerably drops.

As a comparison, a character with ketra alliance 4(or lower) will obtain 2-2.5 times more quest items comparable to a character with alliance 5.

Mostly, this can be observed when hunting general & captain varkas, where a character with ketra alliance 5 might chain up to 7-8 mobs without a quest reward(not counting flavas, antelopes and bandersnatch)

Done / Re: RB Q ITEMS
« on: September 29, 2018, 21:26:36 »
He means divine stone of wisdom and red totem

Done / Several suggestions
« on: September 27, 2018, 19:37:02 »
To ease a bit crafting, I would suggest adding to the shop the following recipes:
leonin's mold
warsmith's mold
arcsmith's anvil
warsmith holder
Those are available at blacksmiths in towns to craft for free, but it would great to have them on crafters also(saves a bit of time)

Gear - S grade and A grade
Suggestion 1 -
Add the specific recipes (60%) in the shop, under exchange, with a cost of
A grade
1x each for a grade armors, 5x for weapons
Magma Dust
Moon Dust
Inferno Dust

Suggestion 2 - 20 craft materials(ex Sealed Dark Crystal Robe Fabric 20) and 50x for weapon recipes

S grade
1x each for s grade armors, 2-5x for weapons
Draconic Essence
Fire Essence
Midnight Oil
Demonic Essence
Abyss Oil
Hellfire Oil
Nightmare Oil

or 20-50 craft materials(ex  Sealed Draconic Leather Armor Partx 20) and 50-100x for weapon.

Quest Rewards:
Increase quest rewards 2-5 times(not quest item drop)

I'm suggesting this as currently, the drops are dominated by a hand full of players that do raids solo and competing with them is almost impossible, with b grade gear

also, adding more basic mats to shop under exchange for aa would be helpful
- mithril ore - 30 to 50k aa
- oriharukon ore - 30 to 50k aa
- Mold glue/lubricant/hardener 100-500k aa

Looking forward for feedback

Later edit:
In addition to the above:
Remove from drop tables:
No grade, d, c and b grade recipes and craft components
No grade gear
Shots recipes compressed packages
C and b shots recipes
Arrow recipes
Increase c and b enchant scroll drop rates
Remove 1st and 2nd class change fee. Increase for 3rd class change
Add all castle towns to .gk (heine, aden, gludio, dion, schuttgard, goddard, rune, oren)

Removed captcha while out of combat/sitting out of town

Additional edits:
Remove droptables 20-69 raidboss and replace them with:
Raids 20-59 - crafting materials(resources) and level 11 soul crystals
Raids 60-70 - even higher number of mats, level 11 and 12 soul crystals and a grade recipes
Enchant scrolls, blessed and normal, c to a grade, based on raid level.
This does not include epic bosses

Castles: add raidbosses  to inner court of castles with a “ruller’s authority” token reward.
These would be tradable for s grade gear and lvl 13 soul crystals
Respawn 24-48 hours
Aden and rune castles
Add gordon to inner court - Drop table 12.5%, all s weapons
25% all a grade weapon
35% all s grade armors
45% all a grade armors
1-2 soul crystals 13 of each, 25% chance
Rune -
Benom - same drop table as gordon

Respawn - 1 week

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