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Title: EVENT: Tell about us on Skype (Started)
Post by: Vilmis on December 08, 2016, 17:47:53
The Event: „Tell about us on Skype“

Event instructions:
1. Download ClownFish for skype Here:
2.  Install it and Run it.
3. Once installed and launched program Open skype, in top corner its asking for premission.
4. On System tray there is fishy icon , right click on it and FIND BROADCAST MASS MESSAGE.
5. Write Message text:
Code: [Select]
L ][ LifeDrain World - Interlude  MID x77!
Server re-open: 10th February!
*** Text will be updated when the event gonna start.
6. Once all ready press "SEND" and make screenshot of desktop and add your screenshot on our topic, so we can reward you on ammount of people you send the message.

Event rules:
1. Create screenshot of your desktop while program is launched with skype window.
2. Minimum ammount of users in skype - 100.
3. All Contestants will be manually checked! To avoid cheatings
4. players who sent most messages , will receive 60 Donate Coins! Everyone else will receive 20 Donate Coins.
5. Event is active till: 2017-02-09
6. To receive reward,  make reply to this topic with Skype screen and skype id.

Youtube Video tutorial how to use Clownfish:

Event winners we will announce at: 2017-02-09
Title: Re: EVENT: Tell about us on Skype (Started)
Post by: Vilmis on February 03, 2017, 18:01:25
The event has been started!